The Future of the Bristol Dam

The Bristol Dam Advisory Committee meets regularly at the Bristol Town Hall in Bristol Mills. Meeting dates are listed on the town’s website Bristol Maine by clicking on the calendar tab. The public is welcome to attend.

If you would like to read the minutes or watch a video of the meeting, visit the following websites:  Bristol meeting minutes and  LCTV Bristol Dam meeting Video.

A press release by the Committee is available here Bristol Mills Dam Advisory Committee Hosts Wetland Bird Expert.

PWA’s Bristol Dam Advisory committee representatives are Pam Allen and Jim Hatch.

  • Background:  The Town of Bristol is addressing the future of the aging Bristol Dam and the fish passageway in Bristol Mills. Because the cost of repairing the dam and fish passageway is prohibitive, the Bristol Select Board has agreed to conduct a feasibility study to explore options for both structures. Any improvements to the dam will need to consider fish passageway.
  • Wright Pierce Engineers made a proposal for a dam feasibility study to be funded by The Nature Conservancy (TNC) up to $30,000. The purpose of the study is to gather information, discern the impact of the current dam, and to propose various alternative scenarios to the dam which will keep the current benefits.
  • The Bristol Dam Advisory Committee, a group of interested citizens, will conduct an informational stage, proceed to set the scope of the study, and then present a final report on the possible alternatives and the impacts of each.

For information about the Bristol Mills Dam Committee and the background, authority, charge and ‘deliverables’ click here Bristol Dam Advisory report

PWA’s Position on the Future of the Bristol Dam

The Bristol Dam, located in Bristol Mills on the Pemaquid River, was built over a century ago. While it no longer provides power, the dam continues to provide three major functions including a reservoir for the fire department, a public swimming location, and the maintaining of the water levels in the ponds and river above the dam. PWA is committed to preserving these functions and maintaining the quality of the lakes and lake levels we have come to know.


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