About Pemaquid Watershed Association

About the Association

Located in mid-coast Maine, Pemaquid Watershed Association (PWA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, membership-based conservation organization.

Our Mission

The mission of PWA is to conserve the natural resources of the Pemaquid Peninsula through land and water stewardship and education.

Our Vision

Our vision is a protected yet accessible Pemaquid Peninsula where people and wildlife thrive in a pristine and nurturing environment.

about PWA - a day's catch at the Biscay Beach launch

day’s catch at the Biscay Beach launch

How it All Started

PWA has its origins in the Biscay Pond Association, formed in August 1966 by residents concerned about unsound development. The organization gradually grew in response to the interests and concerns of landowners throughout the Pemaquid River watershed.

Spurred by unprecedented development pressures, PWA became a Land Trust in 1988. As a Land Trust, we use conservation easements and land acquisition to protect the beauty and natural integrity of the watershed. For the full history, read our Watershed Watch Newsletter from Spring 2008 (page 8).

about PWA - McCurdy Pond, photo by Carol Knapp

McCurdy Pond, photo by Carol Knapp

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The Watershed

Map of the Pemaquid Peninsula

For contact information and a map of our office location, click here.
To purchase a copy of this full-color shaded topographic map, visit our merchandise page.

about PWA - map of Pemaquid Peninsula

  • The green-shaded topographic area is the Pemaquid Peninsula, which is PWA’s “Service Area”. The properties that PWA protects are shown in red. Other protected properties are shown in pink.
  • The yellow line outlines the Pemaquid River watershed, which is PWA’s “Focus Area”.

Size and Scope of the Watershed

The Pemaquid River watershed covers parts of six towns (Damariscotta, Nobleboro, Waldoboro, Bremen, Bristol, South Bristol) and is 46.9 square miles in size, of which 5.4 sq miles are water and 41.5 sq miles are land. The Pemaquid River watershed includes the sub-watersheds that flow into the Pemaquid River or into Pemaquid Harbor (including Little Falls Brook, which flows into Pemaquid Harbor, and Beaver Dam Brook, which flows into Duckpuddle Pond). It also includes the coastline down to Pemaquid Point on Johns Bay on the west side of the peninsula. The Pemaquid River watershed boundary goes through the summits of Johnston Hill and Cordwood Hill on the east and Eugley Hill at the northern tip.

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about PWA - PWA Biscay Ponders

PWA Biscay Ponders

Wings Over the Pemaquid River

Take a moment to treat yourself to this fabulous aerial tour of the Pemaquid River watershed.

“Wings Over the Pemaquid River” is a 6½-minute video of spectacular aerial photos spanning the river system from Waldoboro to Bristol. The video shows the interconnectedness of the chain of ponds in the 19-miles of the Pemaquid River, including Tobias, Duckpuddle, Pemaquid, McCurdy, Little, Paradise (Muddy), Biscay, Little Biscay, Ross, and Boyd Ponds. From Boyd Pond, the flight winds down to Pemaquid Falls, the Pemaquid River estuary, Pemaquid Harbor, Pemaquid Beach, and Pemaquid Point.

You are encouraged to have speakers on and have the image at full screen and high resolution. This will allow a fuller immersion in the magnificent bird’s eye view set to music.

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