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Pemaquid Watershed Association works to conserve the natural resources of the Pemaquid Peninsula in three major ways:

We welcome your help to keep the Pemaquid Peninsula clean, healthy, and beautiful. Please consider becoming a member, donating to our cause, and volunteering.

Enjoy a 7-minute video providing an overview of what we do and how you can help.

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Keeping the Pemaquid Peninsula clean, healthy & beautiful

Land Stewardship

preserving public spaces
providing public access


fostering nature appreciation
encouraging responsible behavior
promoting outdoor recreation

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What is a Watershed?

A watershed is the area of land where all of the water that is under it or drains off of it goes into the same place. The water sheds off the land. In other words, a watershed carries water “shed” from the land after rain falls and snow melts, and drop by drop the water is channeled into soils, groundwaters, and streams, making its way to larger rivers then eventually the sea. Where the land drains is based on topography (slope), geology (soils), and hydrology (distribution of water).

All land everywhere is part of some watershed, or, said another way, around each water body there is an area of land that drains into it. For instance, there are approximately 1.3 square miles around Paradise “Muddy” Pond that shed into that pond. It’s like a series of bowls nested in each other. The Paradise Pond watershed — like the watersheds of Biscay, Boyd, Duckpuddle, McCurdy, and Pemaquid Ponds — is subsumed within the 41.5 square miles of land around the Pemaquid River that, eventually, shed into the River.  The headwater region of the Pemaquid River watershed is just northwesterly of Tobias Pond in Waldoboro. The U.S. Geological Survey groups the Pemaquid River watershed as part of the larger St. George-Sheepscot watershed.

A key fact here is that water is a universal solvent affected by all that it comes in contact with — the land it traverses and the soils through which it travels. So, the really important thing about watersheds is that what we do on the land affects water quality for all communities living downstream — human and wild alike.

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It’s like this, if you put a rubber ducky into any waterbody in Maine, it will end up in the Gulf of Maine, eventually. If that rubber ducky was oil, pesticide, herbicide or any other chemical dumped onto the watershed of any waterbody in Maine, the same thing would happen.”

A watershed is like a bathtub, where all the water that lands inside the basin drains ultimately to the same place. For instance, whatever water falls on the 41.5 square miles of land around the Pemaquid River will drain to the Pemaquid River and ultimately to the Gulf of Maine.

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