Each summer Coastal Rivers organizes  “Ponders” gatherings for information sharing for Biscay, Duckpuddle, McCurdy, Paradise, and Pemaquid ponds. Ponders gatherings provide an opportunity for people who care about a pond to get to socialize and discuss pond caretaking with Coastal Rivers.

The gatherings are informal and typically involve an evening potluck meal and conversation. They are hosted at the private home of a resident who lives on or near the particular pond, and the location is rotated each year to try to visit different locations around each pond.  Anyone with an interest in a pond may attend; you do not need to be a Coastal Rivers member or even to reside near the pond to take part in a Ponders gathering.

During the gathering, a representative from Coastal Rivers facilitates discussions with attendees about their pond-related questions, suggestions, and concerns. Sharing information about water quality, responsible stewardship, pollution, the impact of development, easements and getting to know neighbors are some of the great benefits to these gatherings.

At the gatherings, Coastal Rivers provides “Ponders Packets” filled with information about water quality and best management practices.  These informational packets are free and are also available at the Coastal Rivers office.

During the summer season, Ponders gatherings are posted on our events calendar. For more information about the Ponders, or to receive a Ponders Packet, contact Coastal Rivers.

the Problems with Geese brochure is a resource for PWA Ponders

Problems with Geese?

Canada geese can not only be aggravating, they can affect water quality. The former PWA developed a brochure for landowners with suggestions on how to control nuisance Canada geese.

  • Pemaquid Pond pwa Ponders gathering

Ponders' beginnings

The former Pemaquid Watershed Association’s (PWA) Ponders gatherings began in June 2003. With help from the former PWA, a group of residents in the Biscay Pond area got together for a potluck meal and discussion of mutual concerns related to the pond.

Many suggestions from that first meeting became action items for PWA. For instance, attendees asked for information about pollution, boating regulations, invasive plants, and best camp practices, which spurred the creation of “Ponders Packets”. Members of the initial group also volunteered to help with the first Courtesy Boat Inspection training and implementation to prevent nuisance plants from invading the ponds.

In 2005, the Pemaquid Ponders began. In 2006, McCurdy Ponders and Duckpuddle Ponders met for the first time. In 2008, the Paradise Ponders began.

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