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It is the people who care that make Pemaquid Watershed Association’s work possible. If you value the beauty and quality of the Pemaquid Peninsula, we invite you to show your support by adding what you can to our cause with your time, talents, and money.

How you can get involved and support PWA

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PWA is a community of like-minded individuals who care about the Pemaquid Peninsula.

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Visual representation of open-ended responses “Why do you choose to be a member of PWA?” from the 2014 PWA membership survey. The larger size of the word indicates the greater incidence of it in the responses.

Why Choose to Get Involved with PWA?
Here are some testimonials from PWA members.

“We live on Pemaquid Pond and enjoy the wonderful water and our beautiful area. We love the quiet, and the convenience of where we live, and want to help protect it for ourselves and others to enjoy.”

“Biscay Pond has always been special to me and my family. We want to be sure that it will stay as clean, healthy and safe for our grandkids. PWA provides insight to its members along with the knowledge of lake stewardship.”

“I respect the conservation efforts made by the PWA and believe that by being involved in the PWA we can promote education and land stewardship which will help assure that our resources are protected.”

“We appreciate how healthy our fresh and salt water is and want to play a role in assuring its good health. Our family has a long history on many of the ponds and lakes in the watershed. We appreciate the PWA’s efforts to help protect our very fragile Muddy Pond on which we have a camp.”

“Because we love the outdoors and because we live on the Pemaquid Estuary, it was important to join the organization that takes care of the watershed.”

“We love coming up to Maine in the summer and hate to see the natural beauty of the area changed in any way. Keeping the lakes free of invasive plants and fish and the coastline pristine is a huge priority and this organization has the ability to maintain these goals.”

“Four generations of our family have enjoyed the beauty and amenities of the Pemaquid area. We want to share in the protection and preservation of this resource.”

“The area has been a part of my (our) life for over 60 years. It is the most special area on the east coast and deserves to have people caring and maintaining it. PWA seems to be the most effective way to involve oneself in that goal.”

“I love the Pemaquid area and want to protect it.  I have been vacationing here since the mid 1950’s. I want my daughter to be able to enjoy this beautiful area through her life time.”

“Because I believe that conservation of the peninsula we live on is important, and as a homeowner on the Damariscotta River, water quality and caring for all the abundant wildlife is vital. I also like many of the activities and opportunities for education that I can get by being a member.”

“We strongly believe in the preservation and conservation of our natural world and specifically the Pemaquid region, as this is where we live and spend our summers, hiking the land and swimming the waters, eating the food grown here and breathing the fresh air. The PWA performs an extremely valuable function in our society by educating, informing and including residents and others in the appreciation and protection of this small part of the world.”

“We chose to live on the Pemaquid Peninsula in large part because of the beauty of the natural environment.  We would like to see that environment preserved and enhanced, and we believe that the PWA plays an important role in meeting that goal.”

“Because I enjoy, so much, exploring this beautiful peninsula, so close to home, I want to support efforts to preserve its environmental integrity.”

“We belong to a long list of conservation organizations and land trusts. About ten years ago when we built a house in Walpole (South Bristol) we joined the DRA. Subsequently (very shortly thereafter) we joined the PWA when we realized that a number of our friends were associated with PWA.”

“To support the good work in an area that I love and spend every summer, to preserve the natural beauty and help get people out in nature in a safe for them and living world around them.”

“I love PWA’s mission, protecting our watersheds, LakeSmart, Courtesy Boat Inspections, water monitoring, and all the educational programs offered. The people I’ve had the pleasure to work for and with through PWA are wonderful.”

“I value the nature preserves as providing opportunities to walk, contemplate nature, and find them a source of inspiration and tranquility. I recognize the overarching significance of preserving the unique character of this segment of midcoast Maine.”

“There is a great need to educate the public about the role and value of watersheds and to protect them from degradation. PWA is a COMMUNITY of committed people that achieve these goals in a beautiful area of the Maine coast.”

“It is a wonderful organization of like-minded individuals trying to conserve a very special place in Maine.”

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