Drinking Water

Little Pond in Damariscotta is the source of Damariscotta and Newcastle’s public water supply. The water from pristine Little Pond is distributed to customers by the Great Salt Bay Sanitary District. Most of the pond’s watershed is owned by the Sanitary District, giving the Sanitary District the ability to protect the pond’s water quality via careful management of the surrounding land.

Where there is no public water supply, drinking water on the Pemaquid Peninsula comes from private wells. Well water is pumped from aquifers, underground layers of permeable rock that hold water. As with most wells in Maine, the drilled bedrock wells on the Pemaquid Peninsula are usually between 200 to 400 feet deep and require a pump to bring the water to the surface.

view of Little Pond, regional source of drinking water

Little Pond, one of the ponds in the Pemaquid River watershed, is the source of drinking water for the towns of Damariscotta and Newcastle.

Drinking Water Quality

For information about the public water supply, request an Annual Water Quality Report from Great Salt Bay Sanitary District by calling 207-563-5105 or 207-563-3010.

To ensure that well water is safe to drink, homeowners should regularly test their water supply. The Maine Center for Disease Control recommends testing private wells yearly for bacteria, nitrates, and nitrites, and once every 3 to 5 years for arsenic, radon, uranium, lead, and fluoride. For a list of labs certified to test well water, call the Maine Lab Certification Officer at 207-287-1929 or visit https://wellwater.maine.gov.


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