Preventing Invasive Aquatic Plants

To date there are no known invasive aquatic plant infestations in the ponds on the Pemaquid Peninsula, and we want to keep it that way. To prevent the spread of invasive aquatic plants (IAP) into the ponds and river, PWA conducts Courtesy Boat Inspections in the summer at the two main boat launches and coordinates IAP education.

This excellent video by the Lake Stewards of Maine offers an overview of threat of invasive aquatic plants and efforts to protect Maine lakes:

Invasive Aquatic Plant Resources:

Got something suspicious growing in your pond?

What is an Invasive Species?

An invasive species is a plant or animal that is introduced to an area where it does not naturally grow. Because these species are not native to the area, they have no predators and can begin to reproduce and grow unchecked.

Generally, invasive species are harmful to all aspects of a watershed including water quality, recreational activities, and the local economy in terms of businesses and property values. Organisms like hydrilla and Chinese mystery snails can begin to dominate an area and out-compete other aquatic life for necessary resources like living space and nutrients.

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