There are 11 ponds in the Pemaquid River watershed.

They are listed here, in order from north to south.

The 220-acre Muscongus (Webber) Pond, which is in Bremen, does lie within Coastal Rivers service area although it is not in the Pemaquid River watershed proper.

ponds in the Pemaquid River watershed

ponds in the Pemaquid River watershed

How to sound like a local

Biscay is pronounced “bis-key,” not “bis-cay”.

Damariscotta is pronounced “dam-er-ah-scotta” (although the second syllable is often skipped: “damriscotta”).

“Pemaquid” has all short vowel sounds.

More on Ponds


The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife has put together a guide of fishing hotspots and tips: Maine Fishing Guide. Here is a list of public access points along the Pemaquid River system.

  • ponds - fishermen with several fish

Is it a Pond or a Lake?

As the largest water body on the Pemaquid Peninsula, some call Pemaquid Pond “Pemaquid Lake”. What actually is the difference between a lake and a pond? Here’s what the Maine Department of Environmental Protection has to say about the distinction.

Concerned about the level of the water in your pond?

During the course of a year, the water level of the ponds in the Pemaquid River watershed can vary significantly. For information about factors that influence the ponds’ water levels, read this handout: The Level of the Pond Water

Learn more about your pond

Water quality data, maps, plant surveys, presence or absence of invasive species, native plant lists, local weather and more can be found by using this great search tool provided courtesy of the Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program: “Search for Your Lake

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